Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Maybe she got bored with it... maybe it was Maybelline

Ah, so that's what the years of festering resentement and the stench of loathing which the Sugababes were known for was all about: unreturned lipgloss, reveals Mutya:

"We'd steal each other's clothes, make-up, you name it, just before we went on stage. We got pissed off with each other if we never got them back, though."

Now, though, Mutya Buena is concentrating on her solo career - we imagine that it calls for concentration, like threading a needle: getting something soft and ill-defined through a tiny, tiny window:

"Working with George Michael was the best thing that's happened since going solo."

Things can't be going well, then. Andrew Ridgeley's career also lists "working with George Michael" as its highspot, and have you ever met anyone who bought Son of Albert?

Still, it was fun for Mutya:

"I was star-struck after collaborating with him but he was so lovely. He invited me to his house party but I couldn't go because my dog went missing that day."

That's terrible - George in a house, making small-talk to record industry people; Mutya traipsing round a park peering into bushes hoping to see a bright pair of eyes and hear some panting, and both thinking the other had got the sweeter end of the deal.


Anonymous said...

I bought 'Son Of Albert'! I actually discovered the cassette recently, while clearing a load of crap out of my parent's garage. It's sitting on my shelf at home now, begging me, pleading with me in its little plasticy way: "Play me! Play me!! You STILL enjoy A-Ha - there's room in your life for meeeee!" Think I might burn the fucker.

simon h b said...

Of course, it would against the law to rip the tracks to mp3 and release them onto the internet. And unethical as much as illegal...

which is a pity...

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