Thursday, September 28, 2006

Megaman is innocent - official

After three trials, Megaman has finally been cleared of murder by a jury.

Dwayne Vincent, 27, had denied charges of encouraging and supporting his friend Carl Morgan in shooting Colin Scarlett in 2004.

Morgan - a producer of Megaman's So Solid Crew - was jailed for life in October 2005 after being convicted of Scarlett's murder; that jury had been unable to reach a verdict on Vincent; a second jury was discharged in April this year.

Megaman wasn't entirely happy at the final verdict:

After the verdict, Mr Vincent said he felt "like a broken man".

He added: "I have finally been released from a system which has been designed to keep people behind bars whether they are innocent or guilty.

"I was an innocent man from the beginning - nothing has changed and nothing will ever change."

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