Friday, September 15, 2006

New Found Glory get the grumps

New Found Glory have sent an open letter to Lionel Richie, because they're a little bit pissed off with him:

Dear Lionel,

Congrats this week on the release of your new CD "Coming Home" -- what an awesome title! Sounds familiar though, where did we hear that before? Oh yeah, it's the name of our new CD which drops Tues Sept 19th. Together we have the same CD title out in the same month. Pure genius!

Anyway, we know it is too late for you to change your album title, but we expect a call before your next album comes out. If you don't, our follow up to "Coming Home" may be entitled "Dancing On The Ceiling" with such original punk rock songs as "Say You, Say Me" & "All Night Long." Our new single and video is "It's Not Your Fault." Hey ... we haven't heard your song yet ... Send us a copy.

Jordan, Steve, Chad, Ian, Cyrus
New Found Glory

Now, an impartial observer might say to New Found Glory that, if you don't want to find that your album has the same name as another album coming out the same month, it might be safer to choose a name which isn't so dull and overused in the first place. Because Chris Norman also has an album called Coming Home out, next month. And Denise Leigh issued a Coming Home ep back in June. Lonestar might wonder why you're so pissed at Lionel releasing an album with the same name in the same month when their Coming Home album came out a full year before yours. And when they released theirs, did they have to deal with a letter from Gerard Kenny complaining that they'd stolen the title he'd used five months earlier? Or, indeed, from Brooke, or Calvin Jones, Amedeo, Debbie Fier, Visions or Deejay One? Or Dynamoe, Engelbert Humperdink, Falco or Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges or Fiona Kennedy? And how about Tim Janis? Brian Gallagher, Darren Crossey, Morenas, Gene Conners, Rozalla, Hermosa, Intralopers, Andy Hopping, Christina Lux, Blue Fever, and the Rev. Evans Clay & The AARC Mass Choir. Chuck Cheesman, Michael Stackhouse, Peter Kater, Shenandoah, Bon, Richard & Jeanne Cotter, Wayne Newton, Ram Herrera, Klang and Jean-Michel Pilc... but you get the drift.

The message would seem to be: if you choose a hackneyed phrase as the title of your album, you might not want to draw attention to it.

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