Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nice to upset Rod Stewart; 'citing, innit?

It's funny, but we could have sworn that when he was younger, Rod Stewart used to revel in his laddish behaviour, his womanising ways and his ability to - as they say in tabloids - bed mysterious blondes.

Oddly, though, now he's a father, he doesn't find such behaviour quite so alluring. Leastways, not when it's Russell Brand saying he's had knowledge of his daughter:

On stage at the Royal Opera House to pick up the outstanding achievement award, [Stewart] said: "You went with my daughter, did you? Russell, stand up." A sheepish Brand stood and mumbled: "I took her out for one evening."

Stewart asked: "Did you behave yourself?" Brand said: "I never touched that girl." Stewart retorted: "Fucking right you didn't. You musn't come up here and boast. I speak here as a father."

After the ceremony, Brand tried to make amends and they posed for pictures but Stewart later claimed he had no time for the comic. "He's got to be careful," he told the Evening Standard. "He might be a bit of a player but he shouldn't boast. I never did." He added: "Russell's been a bit timid since I had my say."

We especially tip our hat to Rod's "I never boasted" claim, which - since it only makes any sense if it's followed up by an unspoken "and I could have done, the string of women that I had" - is one of those rare sentences that manages to disprove itself in just three words.


karlt said...

Much as I dislike Rod, he does have a point: how happy would you be if that spindly, priapic little talent vacuum was sniffing around your kids?

flaaart said...

So that would be the 26 year old socialite "kid" who was threatening to sue the newspaper which claimed they were sleeping together back in July...

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