Monday, September 11, 2006

Not Nelly's belly

Surprisingly, Nelly Furtardo's recent front-page glossy monthly cover was less revealing than you might have imagined: she reckons the bits on display were someone else's:

"I was the girl who'd said no to all that sexy stuff. So when I was handed a men's magazine with a picture of me half-naked on the cover, I felt completely shocked, then I just went crazy.

"The magazine had used a set of photographs of me in which I was fully clothed and superimposed someone else's midriff overmine to make it look as though I had hardly any clothes on. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to make them stop the magazine. Of course, it was too late."

Interesting that Nelly doesn't appear to have image approval - you would have thought someone with as many record company handlers would have had to have signed off any image used. And why would it have been "too late" to make them stop it? If it was that upsetting for you, the fact the magazine was misrepresenting you - indeed, passing off someone else's belly as yours - would have been grounds for insisting they withdraw the issue and pulp it. A message all magazines would have taken to heart.

It's almost as if you're trying to build a sexy image for the lad's mags and keep a demure one for other markets, Nelly.

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