Wednesday, September 20, 2006

November gigs? In the Northeast? Dressed like that?

Christina Aguilera has confirmed her plans to flounce round the British Isles this November, as part of a undressing trip she has planned for all of Europe, except the dangerous bits.

You can see more of her than her gran would have approved of here:

17 - Sheffield Hallam FM Arena
20 - Belfast Odyssey Arena
21 - Dublin Point Theatre
23 - MEN Arena Manchester
24 - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
26 - Birmingham NIA
29, 30 - Wembley Arena

After this tour is over, she's going to do a mini-tour of jazzy stuff:

"We're definitely going to mix it up, change it up, do some things that are not on the record, do some favourite classics of mine."

"We're really going to have fun and experiment with new ideas and interesting places to go to that have a throwback appeal and vibe."

In other words, she's going to churn out some oldies with a view to a quick and dirty covers album for the mum-market next Christmas. Billie Holiday is spinning in her grave in preparation.

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Anonymous said...

Divvnt be daft, man. The lasses gannin doon the Bigg Market in winter make hor look overdressed.

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