Monday, September 04, 2006

Petey clean

Sentencing in the Pete Doherty drugs case has been deferred until December, with Judge Jane Ivor telling Mr. D that she's very impressed with his progress - he's turned in his first clean bloodtest since records began; Ivor also told Doherty she likes his new song. (Everyone, it seems, fancies themselves as a rock critic.)

"It's turning out to be a long haul. I'm impressed with the negative results for heroin and cocaine. It's stage I never thought you'd reach, (and) the option of re-sentencing you would be counter productive. I'm deferring sentencing for three months until December 4, but you have to continue with you rehab and continue your employment, which means cooperation with those who work with you."

The question, of course, is, if she never thought Pete would ever test negative for coke and smack, then why did she put him under the order for testing in first place? The positive view would be that she gave him the opportunity to prove her wrong; the cynical view would be that Pete was being set up to fail.

Interestingly, the NME website reveals that earlier reports that Pete had been instructed by the courts to attend the Priory were erroneous; the injunction was that he must receive rehab, but didn't stipulate from where. Pete has to continue with the treatment as part of the deferred sentence.

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