Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Twelve angry Bunnymen

Oh, alright, Ian McCulloch isn't being tried by jury. But the court hearing into the alleged assault at Glasgow Barrowlands has opened.

McCulloch denies two charges relating to an incident backstage after the Bunnymen's October 2005 gig. Gary Duncan and Juliet Sebley claim that he attacked them in a toilet:

[Mr Duncan] said he and his girlfriend had gone into separate cubicles and were only there a few minutes when they heard "fierce roaring and threatening language" from outside.

Mr Duncan said of Mr McCulloch: "He [McCulloch] was threatening to kick the doors in of the toilets if we didn't 'get the fuck out'. He said he was going to kick the fucking doors in. He said he didn't care who was in there. 'Get the fuck out or I'm kicking the door in.'"

After leaving the cubicle, Mr Duncan said the singer began leaning into him, grabbed his jacket lapels and "pushed and pulled him in a threatening manner".
[He said] was in a state of "disbelief" when he saw his girlfriend running past him.

"She was in a state of stress and in fear and was clutching her head at her right temple," he said.

He said he spoke to his girlfriend, who was "hysterical" by this point, and when he realised her head was bleeding they decided to call the police.

The case continues.

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