Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's the difference between P Diddy and Pete Doherty?

Not enough to stop them getting confused, at least at the new London freesheet The London Paper: in an "amusing" feature the really laid in to Diddy:

"Just what does he have to do to get banged up? He's only been done for possessing crack cocaine, heroin and cannabis."

Today, though, they're slightly sorry:

"P Diddy is entirely unconnected with the allegations in the article which were intended to relate to an entirely different person and his name and picture were used entirely in error," the paper said in an apology on page three."

Yesterday, The London Paper was wailing about how it's so difficult for them to take on the might of Associated's Evening Standard in the London market, almost as if they weren't being underwritten by Rupert Murdoch. Perhaps that was just confusion. And they've "integrated" the sales and journalism teams, as if they've confused advertising and editorial. It must be a very confusing place to work.

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