Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Which member of Girls Aloud is most confident near-naked?

That there's trouble in Girls Aloud is suggested again this morning, as what would normally be a fairly unremarkable announcement - Sarah Harding has signed a deal to flog Ultimo knickers and bras - is turned into an attack on the rest of the band:

A source said: “Sarah isn’t afraid of showing off her body — she’s got a great figure and she knows it. The other girls aren’t as confident about their bodies as Sarah so its not something they would go for. They have done sexy shoots for lads’ mags but doing a modelling deal in just bra and pants is not the same thing.”

That's right - for example, this cover from FHM shows just how much Nadine Coyle would have to loosen up to appear in pictures wearing next to nothing. You can just see how she lacks confidence, and that's almost wearing a skirt in the picture. Can you imagine if she wasn't almost wearing that, too?

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