Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A young girl dreams of taking the veil

This, perhaps, isn't the most scorching piece of redhot news, but Christina Aguilera forgot her veil when she got married. Not that she was going to blame herself for that; being an employer means there's always someone else around to take responsibility:

"At my wedding I said, 'let's put the veil on' and it wasn't there. It was an oversight of my stylist, who I will never work with again.

Thank God I had my mom's lace wedding piece so we made a makeshift veil."

Good lord, yes, otherwise who knows what the death toll might have been.

It does raise the question if Jason Bratman - who wears quite thick glasses - had perhaps been under the impression he'd been engaged to someone else, so important was hiding her face until they'd signed the register. We picture him turning back the veil for the photos outside, squinting really hard and saying "I didn't think the vicar had said 'do you, Mandy Moore, take this man...'"

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