Tuesday, September 19, 2006

YouTube comes to terms

While Universal threatens to send the legal dogs in, there's an interesting development behind the YouTube scenes: Warners have signed a deal allowing its artists videos and music to be uploaded and downloaded on the site in return for - of course - cash.

I know, I know - how do you think I feel, having to post something positive about a major label? It's not known what's caused this uncharacteristic move from Warners; why they've abandoned the model of ignoring technological developments for a year, then spending millions and months trying to close them down, before finally launching a more rubbish version of their own isn't clear.

There is a bit of a bug in the apple, though: the deal covers home-made videos, and it looks like Warners might have been handed some editorial control over those. So, if you wanted to lay Madonna's music over footage of yourself dressed up as a lamb, you can - but if Warners want it down, then it'll come down. YouTube is planning to relaunch as YouUpToAPointTube in the next 48 hours.

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