Thursday, October 26, 2006

Andy wants to protect what's his

Michelle HeatonAndy Scott LeeIf we were Andy Scott Lee, we might have thought long and hard about the relative strengths we were bringing to our marriage to Michelle Heaton before suggesting a prenup.

It's hacked off Michelle, for a start:

"It was Andy’s idea and I went mad. I didn’t like it all."

Andy, though, felt he had something to protect:

"Obviously Michelle is more well off than I am and it's also to protect the property I have with my brother. Whatever we buy together will be split according to the contributions we make. It’s a wise move."

What's most heartwarming about that is that he doesn't even bother to throw in a "if we do one day fall out of love with each other..." - it's surprising he bothered with a prenup, the way he's talking you'd have expected him to have a divorce ready to roll. Just in case. Just to protect his property empire.

Still, it's not like it's soured the beautiful relationship, is it?

"We may not even do it on the wedding night. We might have to do it the next morning. Our relationship doesn’t rely on sex."

Andy might want to check exactly what he's signed up to.

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