Saturday, October 14, 2006

Borrell bother

Getting prizes doesn't suit some people well: Razorlight's response to winning a live music award was for Johnny Borrell and drummer Andy Burrows to have a fight.

An onlooker saw it all, or claimed to, or said he did:

"Everyone was on a high and were keen to get the party properly started at the local boozer," says an onlooker. "Andy was already quite merry by the time he got to the pub and Johnny quickly got into the spirit of things, too, by jumping behind the bar and pulling pints.

"But, all of a sudden, the pair came to blows in front of everyone.

"It wasn't clear why it kicked off but when it all died down, Johnny and Andy were no longer on speaking terms and the party quickly broke up."

Are we alone in getting the impression that Borrell views the band as more of a backing group to his solo project?

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