Tuesday, October 24, 2006

C-Murder must stay indoors

C-Murder has run into problems trying to promote his album: Judge Martha Sassone has told him it's fine for him to undertake any photoshoots he likes, but he's got to stay at home as he's under house arrest.

Mr. Murder's lawyers argued he needed to be able to go out and take some extra-special shots as he needs the money to fix-up his grandma's house in New Orleans. Presumably he was straining to find some blind orphans to add into the mix, too.

The judge, meanwhile, was firm: Murder had been released to prepare for his retrial, not to go on a signing tour:

"There'll be no interviews, no music videos," she ruled. "I guess the music will have to speak for itself. Capitol Records will have to find another way to advertise it."

Of course, having the photoshoot done at home shouldn't be a problem - most rappers dream of appearing on Cribs and showing off where they live, don't they? Although C-Murder's house arrest means he has to live in his own home and not some show apartment hired by the record label.

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