Tuesday, October 03, 2006

David Cameron really is following Blair step-for-step

The Labour party hacked off Norman Cook by using Right Here, Right Now.

Now, The Tories have annoyed him by asking to use Happiness. He's said no, but does acknowledge that Callmedave's lot are slightly politer than Blair:

Multi-millionaire Norman — who is openly Left-wing — has made it clear he does not want the Tories’ cash or to be associated with the party.

He was equally unhappy when Labour used Right Here Right Now as their election tune in 2004.

Norman raged: “At least the Conservatives had the decency to ask first, unlike Labour.

“The Tories, however, remain my least favourite political party — so an emphatic No is the answer.

“Is Happiness going to be the new direction for the Conservatives? We’ll have to wait and see.”

We love the way The Sun uses the phrase "openly left-wing" as if it was the sort of thing you're meant to be ashamed of, like masturbation or watching Fox News.

Victoria Newton is buzzing with the chance to do a spot of political analysis, mind:

Cameron has boasted that he is into RADIOHEAD, THE SMITHS, PULP and BLUR.

Something tells me none of those bands would want to be Tory supporters either.

You see, that's what Victoria gets her money for. Insights like spotting there's every chance that Morrissey might not be a Conservative voter.

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