Sunday, October 01, 2006

Emo uninjured despite vicious attack

Emokids are reacting with something-other-than-shock at an attack on the world's most self-indulgent genre launched by Kasabian's Tom Meighan. Tom railed like he was Sally Webster discovering Rosie wearing stripey tights for the first time:

"I keep hearing how emo music is bringing kids together and that it's got these positive messages and all that, but if it's damaging teenagers and if it's making them depressed, how can that be a good thing?

"All it causes is moaning teenagers. There's nothing positive from it. People tell me it's doing something for the kids, but all it's doing is making them moan all the time.

He continued to mtv: "It may upset people, but emo is dead in my eyes. Fuck emo. Just enjoy the world. Teenagers are better than that, man. I want to tell them to be positive about life.

“You've been brought up well by your parents, so don't sit around in your bedroom cutting your wrists. Grow up."

Emokids across the US reacted as one with the word "who?"

Brad Kalchawski, 16, from Wichita Falls, Texas took time off from his organising his campaign to get Hot Topic to open a branch in his town, to ask "Tom What? What's a Kasabian? Is that a Japanese car?"

Ellen Miskoski, 16, added "I think I've heard of them - they're that Oasis band, aren't they?"

Mrs. Miskoski, who came to give Brad and Ellen a lift down to the Mall to buy some eyeliner, shook her head: "is he quite an elderly gentleman, cut off from youth culture? When he was young, did he not find a way to try and set himself out from the generation before? Did he never feel, as a teenager, that the whole of the world had been set up with the sole purpose of frustrating his every dream and desire, and thus make him feel obliged to take up a stance of poetic outsider as part of a vital growing process which, given time, will be toned down and start to form part of a rounded character which is able to empathise with others, having had this cartoon-like experience of being on the 'wrong side' of society's tracks?"

When told that Tom was actually quite young, and in a pop group, understanding spread across Mrs. Miskoski's face: "Oh... he's a bit simple, is he?"

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Anonymous said...

"Stop! I said it's happening again" We're all wasting away! We're all wasting away". Complete with a video inspired by the poetry of Wilfred Owen. Yeah that sounds dead cheery and positive about life doesn't it?

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