Monday, October 02, 2006

Eric Clapton is doing Cocaine again

He'd - somewhat piously - dropped his cover of JJ Cale's Cocaine from his set when he did his spell in famous-person rehab. Now, though, Eric Clapton is playing it again. Of course, he can't just slide it back into his set: we need a mini-lecture, too:

"I thought that it might be giving the wrong message to people who were in the same boat as me," Clapton recently told The Associated Press.

"But further investigation proved ... the song, if anything, if it's not even ambivalent, it's an anti-drug song. And so I thought that might be a better way to do it, to approach it from a more positive point of view. And carry on performing it as not a pro-drug song, but just as a reality check about what it does."

Clapton, of course, is incapable of singing a song that isn't true - for this reason, he once felt obliged to shoot a sheriff, just so that he wasn't fibbing about that one.

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