Tuesday, October 03, 2006

George Michael: Problem? What problem?

George Michael has reacted with anger to suggestions that he might have a bit of a problem:

"I do not have a drug problem.

Maybe you don't have any addiction issues to you need to address, George, but - with witness reports of your car lurching about busy city roads, and your needing three people to get you from the car to the ambulance - you might have a driving problem.

The Mirror seems relaxed enough about the idea of someone incapable of controlling a vehicle veering all over the roads to make a joke of it, suggesting he might have been listening to James Blunt CDs. They also speculate that he might be narcopleptic. Or, they consider:

He is known to be a dope smoker so the drugs could be leaving him lethargic.

Do you think? And the whole "smelling like a Bob Marley poster in a student bedroom" thing could be another clue there, couldn't it?

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