Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I got afterlife

We're always in two minds about record labels trying to "redefine" artists to appeal to the kids - that way lies Frank Sinatra spending his twilight years being frogmarched through duets with Bono.

On the other hand, inviting new remixes of classic old stuff can bring an act to a new audience, and it's probably less heartbreaking to have Nina Simone remixed by Coldcut than to see her being dragged out to flog yoghurts with insignificant levels of biotics on them.

You can judge for yourself what you make of Nina Simone Remixed and Reimagined as there's some online streaming going on.

We reckon the Groovefinder remix of Aint Got No/I Got Life is probably closer to the spirit of the yoghurt adverts; Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter Jazzeem's All Styles Remix is probably less a remix than a total reworking and Francois K. Remix of of Here Comes The Sun probably comes closest to keeping the spirit of the original.

It's not a bad collection at all, even if the original idea is quite bad. But please, make time the originals, too.

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