Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kylie shifts breast cancer perceptions

It might not quite be having a disease named after you, but Cancer Research has identified a Kylie Effect, where the higher reporting of famous people's cancers have skewed perception of the cancer risk.

77% thought cancer risk was higher for under-70s, and a third thought under-50s were most at risk.

There is, of course, really a rising incidence of cancer as a person gets older.

Dr Lesley Walker of Cancer Research UK said: "The survey illustrates another aspect of what has come to be known as 'the Kylie effect'.

"Celebrities with breast cancer like Kylie Minogue and Caron Keating have attracted a lot of publicity - especially in magazines aimed at younger women.

"This is very beneficial in that it raises awareness of breast cancer.

"But the down side is that it may also set up a chain of panic among young women, while misleading older women to think that ageing is not a relevant factor in breast cancer.

It's not clear how, or even if, they plan to shift this perception. Get lots of famous older women ill?

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