Monday, October 02, 2006

Liam Gallagher ruins Dirty Pretty Things gig

Good Lord, as if Noel trying to ruin Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys' chances wasn't bad enough, now Liam Gallagher is turning up and throwing a spanner into the Dirty Pretty Things.

The DPT's gig at Camden Proud Gallery was already hovering on the cusp of being pulled due to over-crowding when Gallagher shambled forward to 'collaborate'. Never mind that this is a bit like Pam Ayres turning up to help out WH Auden, the crowd got even more excited and surged forward. Placing safety ahead of a McCartney-Jackson moment, the gig was aborted.

Creating a lot of fuss and ending up in general disappointment. Quite a keynote Liam's working on, there.

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Anonymous said...

how exactly did noel ruin their chances you ignorant prick?

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