Saturday, October 28, 2006

Madonna gives local the birds

Let's set aside thoughts of Madonna's children-collecting trips and return, instead, to the vexed issue of one of her many homes (sad, some might say, when one person has so much and so many have nothing). The always-caring Maddy has been running a lucrative shoot on her Wiltshire estate - the one she went to court to keep oiks like us off, of course.

Presumably because the sort of rich idiots who pay large sums to wave guns at animals aren't very good shoots, the number of birds on her estate has been growing and growing, and local residents have had their electricty supplies cut six times by birds flying into power lines, reports the Daily Mail.

Southern Electricity have now had to spend half a million quid to put a protective curtain around the cables.

Still, if your power does go down, it does spare you having to watch that footage of Madonna dancing with the Malawian while her camera man signals to the crowds to stand up and join in, at least for a few hours. Every bag of soap has its own papaya, as they say in Holland.

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