Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madonna's baby: Yes, that again

Sorry to return to the subject of Madonna's Oprah interview, but since the good people at Harpo kept the programme under wraps, we're only getting to hear bits and pieces of it in dribs and drabs. First of all, we were surprised that Madonna's appearance had managed to convince the fearless Daily Mail that Madonna's baby is Aids orphan - although not as surprised as his father will be. Obviously, we have no way of knowing if Madonna's version of the death of David's mother is true, or the one everyone else has reported (that she died following childbirth complications), but if there had been good reasons for everyone else providing a false story - perhaps to avoid stigmatising surviving relatives? - we're sure Madonna's decision to blow it in front of millions is understandable. After all, what are little people's lives when compared with Madonna's bids to salvage her PR?

We were also surprised to discover that David [is] still a little bit ill, not completely free of his pneumonia, but he's much better than he was when we found him."

Leaving aside that David wasn't, actually, lost but being cared for in one of the better orphanages in Malawi, if he's got pneumonia, should he not have been allowed to recover before being flown anywhere? After all, most medical sources actually advise against flying if you've got pneumonia. The decision to fly a sick child out the country does somewhat reinforce the suspicion that Madonna was rushing to get him out as quickly as possible.


Anonymous said...

I find it strange that she has a single out in a few days - where will she find time for promotion? Oh.


simon h b said...

Christmas single with David providing guest vocals?

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