Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mel B is pregnant with Eddie Murphy's two-headed child

Oh... hang on... it could be twins.

How do we know that Mel B is pregnant?

Excited Mel, 32, broke the news that she was FOUR MONTHS gone to staff and shoppers at a Los Angeles boutique.

Blimey. You know your days of fame have ebbed away when, rather than getting a phone call from Ok asking you to confirm or deny your pregnancy, you're left having to run into a shop and bellow the news.

The twins? Well, apparently she's got no real reason to believe she might be carrying two children other than sometimes Eddie Murphy's family have twins. Says the manager of the bra shop.

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham has ruled out having any more kids for a year (or at least nine months) as she's going to concentrate on her "fashion career":

“I would love to have more children — maybe not for a year or so because I’m enjoying the three I’ve got. And it’s hard work.”

“I don’t want to be getting on the stage any more doing those kinds of things.

"I love to sit and draw and to meet with designers, to travel and get inspiration. I’m enjoying that a lot more.”

Of course, since Beckham isn't really a designer, but instead is a famous name to be stuck on a pair of trousers designed by someone else, it's debatable if she stopped being famous if she would be able to continue being a fashion and perfume line - it's why you can still find Britney Spears perfume, but would be hard pressed to turn up a bottle of something by Sheena Easton.

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Anonymous said...

Sheena Easton has her own range of dolls! I saw her selling them on QVC (rather over-the-top victorian-style angels, IIRC). I wouldn't worry too much if I was Posh - there's always a future in selling knick-knacks to idiots...

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