Sunday, October 22, 2006

Razorlight keep it together for the sake of the small print

The very fact that everyone's noticed that Razorlight have a camp, and that the camp is dedicated to doing little more than issuing regular denials that the band are on the point of splitting, hardly does much to support the claims that the band are a happy and coherent whole, does it?

The band's management main concern in keeping the boys together seems to be more about honouring contractual tour obligations than ensuring the purity of the equipe's vision doesn't get diluted by allowing Borrell to pull a swift Richard Ashcroft style move and reveal that, even solo, he sounds exactly the same than with a band.

The last scheduled date on their books is the 7th December 2006 in Rennes for the Transmusicales Festival. Nobody is putting much stock in the band being around for the 2007 summer festival season, and certainly not in the current format.

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jona said...

Hang on, according to The Sun's story the other day here Johnny spent £19K on a bender with the band to prove they weren't splitting up, but the People story here says spent the bender drowning his sorrows with backing singers and pals. Interesting. Well, almost.

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