Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Robbie Williams is not currently slagging off Oasis

When you read the headline on Victoria Newton's Bizarre column this morning, you might wonder if you've slipped through some sort of timewarp. Robbie Williams writing a song about Liam Gallagher - is this 2000 or something?

Erm, actually, it is, concedes Newton, someway into the report on the song Give Pies A Chance. She's merely unearthed a song recorded as a muck-about in the studio back when both Robbie and Oasis were still making music rather than pushing catalogue. So, not entirely the most piping hot of news, then. In fact, it even includes a jibe at Patsy Kensit:

The abuse includes taunts about the Gallaghers’ looks and career, dubbing them Monkey Boys with Monotone eyebrows. It goes on to claim they’re: “Unemployed since being here right now.”

On the delicate issue of Liam’s ex, PATSY KENSIT, Robbie adds: Your Mrs fancies me — bet she wishes she’d waited ’til I was shifting units.

Montone eyebrows? I wasn't aware we were supposed to have multicolour facial hair.

Coming tomorrow, only in The Sun: Robbie to leave Take That.

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