Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sarah Harding prepares for the future

The bitterness of the passed over seems to have focused Sarah Harding's mind on what her post-Girls Aloud future might hold; hence, she's lined up a small role in a forthcoming British movie.

Runners With Cars is going to star Donna Air, who had a half-go at being a pop star herself in the mighty Krush. She's being doing alright-ish for herself since that went the wrong way up, hasn't she? There's always demand for presenters on ITV2.


Anonymous said...

Ummm...think you've got your band mixed up a bit there, Si. Donna Air was in Crush, it seems. Krush was something different:

Chris Brown said...

I din't check the link, but were Krush the ones who did 'House Arrest'?

Should I be ashamed to remember that Donna Air was also in Byker Grooove!? Thought so.

simon h b said...

Some websites say Krush, some Crush. I could definitively check this by digging through my CDs until I find my copy of Jellyhead, but the spare room is an unforgiving place right now...

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