Monday, October 09, 2006

Slayer killed in India

EMI's India wing has recalled all copies of Slayer's latest album Christ Illusion, after protests from local Christians.

The Catholic Secular Forum (no, we're not sure how that works, to be honest) were especially upset by a track called Skeleton Christ:

You'll never touch God's hand
You'll never taste God's breath
Because you'll never see the second coming
It's all a fuckin' mockery
No grasp upon reality
It's mind control for
Compulsory religion and the Skeleton Christ

It's probably not so much the tiresome desire to offend that's upset them, more the rubbish lyrics.

The CSF also sent a complaint to Mumbai's police commissioner saying that the album "will affect the sensibilities of Muslims on the track 'Jihad' and secular Indians who have respect for all faiths."

EMI India marketing manager Kaveri Khullar said in an interview, "We met with the CSF and were apologetic while assuring them that all copies of the album will be pulled out. We have no plans of re-issuing it in any way."

The question here is why they bothered releasing the album in the first place if they wobble as soon as someone complains. Did they not listen to the album before they released it?

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