Monday, October 09, 2006

Tape worms

Is it really twenty years since NME launched the C86 tape?

Removing shoes and socks shows that, yes, it is.

To mark it there's a two night party and gig type affair at the ICA on the 27th & 28th:

October 27
The Magic Numbers
Gokart Mozart
Vic Godard & The Subway Sect
Saint Etienne (DJ set)
Jeff Barrett (Heavenly Recordings, DJ set)

October 28
Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera)
Phil Wilson (Junebrides)
The Wolfhounds
The Pastels (DJ set)

Of course, there's some sort of irony that twenty years on, they'll laud C86 at the ICA. Chances are Bogshed would never have got past the front door in 1986.


Anonymous said...

Just like to point out that Bogshed played at the ICA in 1986...Otherwise, good point well made! Phil Wilson

simon h b said...


C-86 was actually launched at the ICA. With a week of gigs, if memory serves.

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