Friday, October 13, 2006

Uhm... that's naughty

Uhm Jung-hwaSouth Korea is having its own recreation of Janet Jackson's Superbowl storm, an outrage to those who wish to be outraged that still casts a shadow over the US today.

Uhm Jung-hwa performed a comeback gig to help launch a new TV network. Her track of choice was called Cum2Me; her outfit sent out a similar message, thundred the local press and bloggers:

On Monday, Uhm appeared at the gymnastics arena in Seoul Olympic Park in fishnet stockings and hotpants that were indistinguishable from a pair of knickers

“Some may say that ‘cum’ is just short for ‘come’, but the word ‘cum’ has long been slang for ‘ejaculate’ or ‘to have an orgasm,’” one earnest Netizen explained. “In the end it is clear that this is correctly to be seen as an attention-grabbing move.” Others called the performance “gross” and suggested it would be sexier if Uhm covered up.

Of course, if she took to the streets of a British city wearing her stage clothes, she'd be considered somewhat overdressed.

Meanwhile, the TV network reaches for an unfortunate moral exemplar:

“We see it as an artistic performance, not a lewd act. As the level of exposure is similar to a Madonna music video, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

Here's a hint: If you're trying to suggest it's harmless, you might do better than choose an artist whose habitual shockcore schtick is aimed straight at making the moral right's temple veins throb.

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