Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Westlife ride to Delta's aid

In a judgement handed down from high-seated stools, Westlife have weighed the story of the Kerry-Brian-Delta triangle (although a Delta is a triangle) and decided: Delta is the victim here.

You might think that Kerry, whose marriage imploded, exploded and left her running a cab office and eating Iceland pizzas while "working through" drug problems, came quite badly out of the whole thing. But, no: if you have tears, prepare to shed them for Delta Goodrem:

NICKY BYRNE told Closer magazine: "We feel sorry for Delta. People blame her but she's the victim in this."

It's not entirely clear how Goodrem has been victimised, although we suppose having to have Brian McFadden's orgasm face thrust into your own over and over again is a type of punishment.

Westlife are most upset that the whole thing turned into a circus:

MARK FEEHILY said: "I was texting Kerry last week. She's been doing well, although she's been in hospital. But we don't like to read about Brian and Kerry's lives in the newspapers. They're our friends so we call them up and talk to them just like other friends.

It must be terrible to constantly read about your friends' drink and drugs and spats and fights in the papers all the time. That'd presumably be why you're talking to a magazine about their private lives, Mark.

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