Tuesday, October 03, 2006

You've bust ya tour, Busta

Ever wondered if anyone would ever start to say no as artists start to demand more and more luxury aboard their tour gravy train?

It's happened.

Busta Rhymes started asking for extra extras, on top of the extras for his Australian tour.

Now, there won't be an Australian tour at all:

The promoters, PDA Touring, have claimed that their refusal of "outrageous demands on the eve of departure by Busta Rhymes' management" resulted in the rapper's cancellation.

Although unconfirmed, reports are claiming that Rhymes demanded more money for the gig, business class flights for his whole entourage and five-star accommodation.

There are some murky suggestions that Rhymes might have been trying to force PDA's hand to enable him to ease his double-booking problems, as he'd managed to get a clashing set of supports for Mariah Carey.

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