Tuesday, November 28, 2006

At long last, Michael Jackson is learning from his mistakes

Sure, he'll still turn up at ridiculously expensive events - like the £2,000 Japanese Premium Christmas Party - but he's gotten wise:

He won't promise to sing for his supper.

Stick to what you're good at, Mickey. Let people have a look, but leave the music to other people.


Anonymous said...

If you had any idea about the World Music Awards, you would know that he NEVER promised to sing at the event, and that he only chose to go on at the last minute because the audience expected him to thanks to the media's unfounded rumours and hype.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "stick to what you're good at. Leave the music to other people"?

That is ludicrous!
Michael Jackson is the biggest selling artist in the world (Yes, even bigger than Elvis in sales terms).
In his day, he was by far the best showman around and I bet he can still bust a few moves when he performs. We have'nt seen a comeback perormance from him yet, but we will in the next year or two. Mark my words.

eyetie said...

We have'nt seen a comeback perormance from him yet, but we will in the next year or two. Mark my words.

Will this be before or after the Hurricane Katrina charity single?

Cobardon said...

They're quite a religious bunch, aren't they the Jacko fanatics?

The guy was always overrated. He had three dance steps (including the moonwalk that he stole), couldn't write or arrange his own records, didn't play any instruments to any level and relied on hype, and hugely overblown gimmicky videos. His career stalled long before the kiddie allegations as his style was entirely unable to evolve past the 80s. What did he make that anyone ever listened to? 3 albums? His influence on music is round about zero, 20 years on. He's a nothing, a nobody, who (literally) can't get himself arrested these days.

Sure, those 3 discs sold well, but that was never a mark of quality. So does McDonalds.

simon h b said...

Blimey. A small flurry of support for Michael Jackson. Whoever would have thought, in this day and age?

Anonymous 1...

Maybe he hadn't promised to sing at the event - although, frankly, I doubt if Green would have lavished the cash on him if he thought all he was getting was a spot of waving from the stage; and if the We Are The World debacle was only a last-minute idea because of the "hype", then where did the large chorus of children come from?

More to the point, why didn't he intend to sing? He's a bloody singer. That's what people put up with him for. If it's true that he thought it would be enough just to turn up, he really ought to give serious thoughts to quitting entertainment for good.

Anonymous 2:

Michael Jackson is not the biggest selling artist in the world. He might - possibly - have sold to a total value greater than Elvis, but that's because records were considerably cheaper during the 1960s. The World Music Award "best-selling artist" title is meaningless as it ignores huge swathes of sales from the 1950s and 1960s - when Elvis was at his peak.

Last year, Presley sold a million records in the UK alone. Michael Jackson, erm, didn't.

He never was a great showman - he made some good videos, but his inability to form a connection with a live audience meant there was always an element of curiosity rather than excitement when he played live.

And maybe there will be a "comeback" from him - but if, as seems likely he's going to carry on his post-Bad slump, is anyone that interested?

Cobardon... I have happy memories of a school trip to the Rhineland which was soundtracked by Thriller. But then when Thriller wasn't playing, it was Jasper Carrot. So that might have influenced things somewhat.

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