Saturday, November 04, 2006

Diddy drops the jewellery

Shares in Elizabeth Duke plunged overnight as P Diddy announced he no longer needs to boast with bling:

“I’ve gone beyond bling. I’ve got nothing to prove with jewellery. I am at a level all on my own now.”

Yes, now he's relying on old-fashioned bragging to do all his boasting for him.

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Anonymous said...

Diddy, while being a great bussiness man is a horrible human and artist, millions of people from the spanish community have lost any shred of respect we had for him and stand behind our humble artist's who stand up to his disrespectful antics, i.e. Tego Calderon & Calle 13, our artist's and our people don't need P.diddy and people like him, to hell with him.

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