Friday, November 24, 2006

Esso Club 7

Miles Newman and Isabel Davies, from Aboyne set up a company to search for oil. And - in news which our struggling planet will be thrilled by - found a whole field, all for themselves, off the coast of Aberdeen.

The clue as to what powered their devotion and dedication is in the name of their company, Reach Oil.

Yes, this is the first ever oil company in the world to have been inspired by hearing their children listening to S Club 7.

Oddly enough, their next-door neighbours' kids were listening to a different S Club 7 track at the same time and were also hit by inspiration. The Jacksons didn't make a multi-million pound fortune from fossil fuels, but the sausage rolls Melinda rustled up for the S Club Party they threw that Christmas are still the talk of the estate.

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