Friday, November 10, 2006

Garbage collected

Of course, the news of a Garbage best-of (being scheduled to appear in the far-end of the winter) means only one thing: the now mandatory new track.

Track lists in full:

'Only Happy When It Rains'
'Stupid Girl'
'#1 Crush'
'Push It'
'I Think I'm Paranoid'
'When I Grow Up'
'You Look So Fine'
'The World Is Not Enough'
'Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)'
'Shut Your Mouth'
'Why Do You Love Me'
'Bleed Like Me'
'It's All Over But The Crying'
'New track (untitled)'

We'd guess that since it takes a mixture of Mr T style drugged milk and electric cattle prods to get the band together, we're guessing the new track will be less something done for special, and more likely a thing that has been rescued from the bottom of an audio bin somewhere. Indeed, the lack of a name being appended to this song suggests there's two record company guys rummaging in a dumpster: "Oh, that would have been fine, but it's got banana milk all over the middle eight..." "How about this one... it doesn't sound like it smells of fish..."