Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pete Doherty is sorry for the hurt he's caused

What does it get to persuade Pete Doherty to change his mind? Some film, apparently, as having seen video of himself kicking a Radio One reporter, he changed his plea on an assault charge to guilty, picking up a £750 fine.

During a police interview Doherty refused to answer any questions.

He did apologise but added Ms Barber was a member of the "harassing scum of press".

Magistrate Helen Skinner said: "Referring to the press as scum does no one any favours. You were obviously courting publicity judging by your somewhat extravagant behaviour outside the court.

"People in public life have a responsibility to behave and be a good role model to others."

It's interesting that Radio One reporters are, apparently, "harassing scum", but the press are fine if you're courting attention. Was Kirsty Wark part of the harassing scum when she did the half-hour interview? And what about the tabloids when Pete was feeding them stories?