Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rocksicklist: Jamelia

Apparently, it's possible to have a hereditary sort of hernia - an umbilical hernia - and it's been gifted by her ancestors to Jamelia. Hers flared up while performing on "one of" Spain's biggest music TV shows, leaving her doubled up in pain and unable to continue with the performance.

Jamelia describes the pain as being "like a bus had hit her stomach" - although it's not clear if that would be a double decker or a bendybus, or what sort of speed it would have achieved at impact.

She flew back to the UK and had microsurgery at a London hospital.

[Her manager] Jonathan Shalit said [Darren] Byfield was planning to see Jamelia following his team’s match at Nottingham Forest this afternoon.

Nothing shows that you're deeply in love like promising to see your recently hospitalised girlfriend after you've had a bit of a kickabout. Why, sending flowers as well would be overkill.

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