Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank you for not mentioning how your mojo is working

Did you know Classic Rock magazine does its own awards? We're not quite sure if the readers voted this year, or if they voted back in 1973 and they just took forever to count them, but the results would probably have been the same. Here's the winners in full, with a taste of the magazine's all-too-imitable style:

Best New Band – ROADSTAR. Award collected by Roadstar, natch.

Best Reissue – QUEEN for A Night At The Opera. Award collected by Queen manager Jim Beach.

DVD Of The Year – WHITESNAKE’s Live… In The Still Of The Night. Award collected by no less a person than Mr David Coverdale himself!

Event Of The Year – The return of the MONSTERS OF ROCK festival. Award collected by Danny Bowes and Luke Morley from Thunder and Steve Homer from Live Nation.

Comeback Of The Year – THE NEW YORK DOLLS. The Dolls couldn’t be there, but they supplied us with a special thank-you film direct from, er, New York.

Band Of The Year – WHITESNAKE. Award collected by that man Cov again!

Classic Album – DEF LEPPARD’s Hysteria. Award collected by Ian Hunter on behalf of the Leps, who supplied us with a special thank-you film direct from the States where they are currently touring.

Metal Guru Award – RONNIE JAMES DIO. Award collected by The Man On The Silver Mountain himself.

Album Of The Year – IRON MAIDEN for A Matter Of Life And Death. Award collected by Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith.

VIP Award – ROD SMALLWOOD. Award collected by the legendary Iron Maiden manager in person.

Classic Songwriter – QUEEN. Award collected by Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Tommy Vance Inspiration Award – PHIL LYNOTT. Award collected by Philomena Lynott and Scott Gorham.

Living Legend – ALICE COOPER. Award collected by Mr Vincent Furnier Esq.

That's him, you know, Vincent Furnier is Alice Cooper. Oh, how they laughed and laughed.

The ceremony was held at the Langham Hotel in London, and contrary to appearances, there were some women at the event. Well, near the event.

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Anonymous said...

"contrary to appearances, there were some women at the event. Well, near the event."

yeah but those pension-collecting groupies aren't what i want to be thinking about just after lunch

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