Friday, November 10, 2006

VanHalen and Son

As if the cluttering up of the release schedules and column inches and support slots by the children of once-decent musicians wasn't bad enough, now the scions of superstars are starting to turn up and ruin their parent's bands as well, thereby undercutting the very reputation off which they are living.

Admittedly, Van Halen have never quite occupied the cultural heights of, say, Mozart, but even so, the news that Eddie has found a role for his fifteen year-old kid Wolfgang in the band chills the marrow even more than the thought of, say, Keith Allen's daughter Lily. Is there a shortage of paper-rounds in the US?

Eddie is proud of his kid:

"If I excel at the speed of sound, he excels at the speed of light. This kid is just a natural."

But then all parents are like that, aren't they? Presumably Madonna's counting the days until she can get david as a back-up dancer.