Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kittie given Kiss-off

KittieWe were actually surprised to hear that Kittie were still going - they'd be uncharacteristically quiet for so long. But, it seems, they're heading back with a new album in February next year, and have walked straight into a scrap with Kiss.

Kittie had been planning to call their label the Kiss of Infamy; that was enough to bring a solicitor's letter from the bendy-toy and novelty pyjama manufacturers - apparently, Kiss used to make music before they turned their attention to flogging collectables, and seemed to think that their fans are so dense they'd pick up a record that says "An album by Kittie" on the front and "Kiss of destiny records" in small print on the back, and think they were looking at a Kiss album.

Kittie's label is now going to be X of Destiny. Kirk Brandon and the former lead singer with the Redskins are believed to be looking into matters.