Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Razorlight go nuclear

We did enjoy the piece in The Times the other day which raged about the focus on the dead Soviet spy - in essence, arguing that this obsession with spy stories was taking attention away from the real-world risk of Permanent Global Terrorism, slightly ignoring the actual, real nature of Russians running around pooping polonium into the sewer system and making planes glow in the dark.

But who ever would have thought that Razorlight would become embroiled in the shady espionage tale? The band apparently flew back from Russia on one of the planes being investigated for radiation traces.

And the boys had a cold:

“The lads were terrified. They were all feeling run down when they got back from Russia, then switched on the TV and found out the plane they had been on was grounded in the radiation scare.

“They feared the worst and immediately called their management for advice.

“Luckily they have all been given the all-clear by doctors.”

One curious fact: it's only the rest of Razorlight: Johnny Borrell was on a different flight. Since it's unlikely that Borrell could have known he was putting his mates on a dodgy plane, it's less interesting because of the radiation, more what it reveals about travel arrangements within the band.


Anonymous said...

You can't expect dear Johnny to fit his band, the groupies, his talent AND his ego on one plane.

Or maybe he didn't want to share the stewardesses this time...

simon h b said...

Frankly, I'm surprised he feels he even needs a plane these days...

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