Monday, December 25, 2006

Seal clubbing knife crime

You'd have thought that pictures of Seal would have been of such little interest - especially without his more-famous wife - that he'd find it difficult to excite a flicker of interest in a snap-happy kid with a Christmas camera who was already onto his second memory card.

It's something close to incredible, then, that photographers apparently started drawing knives in a bid to snatch a pap shot of him as he left the Vail ski slopes last week:

The trouble began when five photographers from one agency got in a heated argument with two others from a competing agency while trying to get a snapshot of singer Seal coming off the slopes, Aspen police said.

"There was a little chest-bumping shouting match between two reps," said Terry Leitch, an Aspen police officer. "One group got offended that the other group was trying to block the view intentionally."

Leitch said the altercation began as the photographers were leaving the Gondola Plaza in Aspen. By the time police were called, the paparazzi were exchanging verbal barbs near Ajax Bike and Ski.

Leitch said no punches were thrown, and the knife was only out for a few seconds. However, two members of the group with Ginsburg described the knife that police said they found on Del Palacio.

The Celebrity Babylon Web site posted a feature Tuesday of "Seal and Heidi Klum's clan enjoying a stroll in Aspen." The photos show shots of Seal, Klum and their kids walking around Aspen.

Good god... what if it had been someone famous skiing? Doubtless Britney shots would have seen the photographers going nuclear.

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Anonymous said...

This incident occured in Aspen, not Vail. Had I not lived in Aspen for most of my "adult" life, I wouldn't care. There was a time, long past, that to be compared to Vail was insulting, now the two towns are not that much different.

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