Saturday, December 30, 2006

There's always been a (insert whatever it turns out like) element to our music

Bono seems to have noticed that U2, as a band, are pretty thin fare these days - and, like the CEO of a fading brand, is promising to do something, anything to stop the rot.

Actually, strike the "like" from that and replace it with an "as".

The next U2 album will sound different, apparently, although he doesn't seem to know how:

"We're gonna continue to be a band, but maybe the rock will have to go; maybe the rock has to get a lot harder. But whatever it is, it's not gonna stay where it is."

Or maybe it will stay where it is, but turn through 180 degrees. Or maybe it'll sound a lot like the other recent stuff, but with an Abba sample or something stuck in the middle. At this stage, the market reports just aren't in to make that sort of judgement.

Our in-house musicofuturoligists predict the next U2 album will sound "exactly like the last one, but there will be a new logo and The Edge's hat will feature a shiny new badge."


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but you've crossed the line here!!!

Yes, U2's music is shit... Yes, the likelihood of that changing is remote... but to criticise The Edge's hat! You've gone too far!

juan said...

the u2 green day thing was absolutely terrible. a long way from whatever happened to pete the chop..

Howard said...

U2 rules and if you dont like them must mean you worship the powers of evil!!! U2 has the best music and you cant get better!!! And the U2 Greenday thing was awesome, obviously your a looser Juan!

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