Saturday, December 09, 2006

What sort of royalty deal covers the old Wham catalogue?

We've grown used to getting requests for help shifting cash around from the widows and orphans of former potentates and civil servants. But this... this is in a new league:

Mesage from George Michael

Goodday my dear,

In a brief introduction, my name is George Michael. My intention of contacting you is to have a discussion with you regarding an investment that I want to build in your country. Urgently confirm the receipt of this message with your direct telephone number to enable me call you immediately and furnish you with details.

I will be waiting for your reply as you finish reading this message.

Best Regards,

George Michael

Fancy that, eh? Trouble is, we've just had our account cleared out by Simon LeBon and David Sylvian working in tandem, so we're not keen to get involved in another 80s icon investment scheme. Unless Tony Hadley wants to get in touch...

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