Monday, December 04, 2006

Why were the giraffes left behind?

To be honest, although it's now a deserted fairground and as such the sort of place that Scooby Doo would run around in a blind panic, Neverland without Michael Jackson is a less frightening place than it ever was when he was there.

Actually, the Scooby gang would probably have enjoyed getting to the bottom of the place when Jacko was there - we love the idea of a grand unmasking where Fred suddenly realises no, actually, that is the real face and not some plastic scary mask.

This morning's Sun visits the nearly-abandoned Xanadu. For some reason, the giraffes have been left behind.

Neighbours shudder and recall when Michael held court for young boys there:

Locals are glad those days are gone. During Neverland’s heyday, neighbours would hear classical music by Wagner echoing from the ranch — ending with the eerie recorded sound of kids laughing.

One teacher at a school next door recalled: “It was creepy — you’d hear it over and over.”

Apparently, Native Americans are looking to take over the land to build a casino on, although how they'll deal with the curse of building on an abandoned theme park career burial ground.


Anonymous said...

Leave Michael Jackson alone.

Anonymous said...

Also, stop quoting British Tabloids. The Sun is garbage. Obviously someone is there taking care of the giraffes. Michael Jackson doesn't live there anymore. Get over it and move on.

simon h b said...

Well, yes, The Sun is pretty poor quality in much of its reporting, a fact which we tend to acknowledge two or three times a week.

Michael Jackson does actually still own Neverland, regardless of where he may be kicking the dust from his shoes right now.

Why is it "obvious" someone is taking care of his giraffes? He's broke, they're expensive creatures. I tend to care more about giraffes than I do about Michael Jackson, and living in a failed, under-resourced theme park is no way for them to live.

By the way, anonymous: please, please don't worry - I'm not fixated on Michael Jackson's residence. I really don't need to be told to "get over it and move on" - a tart little phrase that really should never be used once you're past puberty. You'll be making the "whatever" air W next.

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