Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Arctic, Icelandic Glasto

The first two headliners have been confirmed for this year's Glastonbury: the Arctic Monkeys and Bjork.

Our straw-poll returned a "meh". Bjork has really become the sort of artist that bookers tend to assume is a top-drawer top draw, but really isn't so much well-loved as well-known; the Arctic Monkeys might be better suited to a second- or third-from-top positioning, surely?

Meanwhile, more details are coming out about the way this curious pre-registration is going to work: you'll be able to register online, through the post or - curiously - at Millets stores. Millets will donate 10p to WaterAid for each form that they deal with, which is good news - but we're not sure if Millets have quite though through the wisdom of getting people into their stores before they know if they'll need tents and whatnot this summer.

Glastonbury organisers have made a privacy pledge:

(Please note that no information collected by registration will be offered for sale or use by any third party organisation. Unsuccessful ticket applicants will have their data destroyed and all ticket holders’ registration details and photos will be destroyed within one month of the event.)

Not exactly environmentally friendly, but at least they've got the policy thought out.

Not sure if you can trust the official site, though. It firmly states:

Anything you read about confirmed performances at Glastonbury 2007 is speculation and rumour. Many, many exciting discussions are underway which should give Glastonbury 2007 the best line-up anywhere in the world. No announcement about the line up will be made by the Festival before tickets go on sale.

Tickets go on sale April 1st. Emily Eavis, however, has told the BBC:

"We're absolutely thrilled to be able to put Bjork and the Arctic Monkeys on because both are firm favourites in our household.

"The Arctic Monkeys have never done it so this will be their first year and Bjork has done the festival a few times now and is absolutely fantastic."

They can't both be telling the truth.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice the comment about 'the biggest band in the world' wanting to play, and it not being U2 or Coldplay?

The Guardian mentioned this, I'm not sure whether it's been anywhere else.

But biggest band in the world... not U2 or Coldplay... surely they can't mean Oasis again?

eyetie said...

"One day Radiohead will be asked to turn off Blackpool lights."

Seriously, who else could it be? Esp. as they're releasing what could be their final album in 2007 (according to the Sainsbury's mag).

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