Friday, January 19, 2007

Babylon 0

David Gray is taking part in the celebrations marking 80 years of football commentary, apparently being the only Man United fan free this Saturday.

He'll be on Five Live with Bob Primrose Wilson for the Man U - Arsenal match:

"I have already been briefed about my attire. I have got a huge sheepskin coat - it is beyond those worn by JOHN MOTSON and I will be wearing that."

Hint, David: It's radio. The whole costume thing might be a little bit redundant.


Anonymous said...

Isn't David Gray actually from Manchester? What's that all about?

You might want to tell him the game's on Sunday though

eyetie said...

As long as the coat has a very starched collar which will stop his head lolling about while he talks into the mic, the BBC will be very grateful...

brown suits said...

Thanks for BBC informing us.

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