Saturday, January 20, 2007

The bath leaked quickly... the story took longer

There is, perhaps, little sadder than people who still wreck hotel rooms, seemingly unaware that they're simultaneously enacting a tired old cliche and making life even more miserable for the poor sods who have to clean up after them on the barely-minimum wage.

What's more, if you're a band, and you're staying at the Travelodge, you really don't want to draw attention to that. It's effectively shouting "our record label don't really want to invest very much in us."

So, big applause all round to The View who behaved like oiks at the Liverpool Travelodge. Apparently, drunk and incapable, they put a duvet in a bath and turned the taps on.

It's not just the seven grands worth of damage, as the other guests trying their darnedest to get some sort of rest in the Travelodge who also had their stays disrupted - lets hope there was nobody staying there while they were visiting a dying relative, or before an important job interview, say.

That this happened in November, but hits the papers in the week their album is released, makes it seem almost as if they're proud of themselves and trying to use their tiresome behaviour to flog some records.

And their punishment? Banned from every Travelodge in the land. Which is hardly a punishment at all.

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